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For East Cambridge, my neighborhood!

Maintain & Improve Quality of Life in East Cambridge

1. Infrastructure management and improvements (democracy)

    1. Addressing traffic & parking resulting from density increase.
    2. Lobby for the maximum of public, and accessible open space on the Volpe site
    3. Insure a dog park is finally a permanent fixture of East Cambridge


2. Open Space (equity, democracy)


    1. Work to have the new park between 2nd and 3rd, completed
    2. Lobby for the maximum of public, and accessible open space on the Volpe site
    3. Insure a dog park is finally a permanent fixture of East Cambridge

3. Development (equity, justice)

    1. Fight for height limit
    2. Deep impact studies on neighborhoods adjacent to any development of .5 acre or more
    3. Make sure the voice of East Cambridge is not only heard, but more importantly acted upon.
    4. Make sure the Grand Junction plan, and improvement to infrastructure, and public transportation is a priority of the Volpe development.
    5. Underlining the displacement, and inequities imposed on adjacent neighborhoods by the ongoing and proposed development, in particular in Kendall and Alewife.
    6. Mandate sustainable and resilient development in the face of climate change.


For Cambridge, my city!

1. Systemic Change (democracy, equity, justice)

Lead a conversation about our current system of government, and how we can create a more democratic alternative reflecting the values of the citizens of Cambridge.  The foundation of which would include

- Term Limits, for engagement
- Publicly financed campaigns, for transparency
- Strong Mayor, for leadership and a vision of the future of the City
- Non Cumulation of mandates, for engagement

2. Climate Change (democracy, equity)

- Mandate sustainable and resilient development in the face of climate change
- Protect Alewife Floodplains
3. Affordable housing (equity, democracy)

- Work to find a long term sustainable solution to the new speculative nature of real estate to alleviate and ultimately resolve the ongoing affordable housing crisis.

- Work with the Graduate Students, MIT, and Harvard to make sure they increase affordable graduate student housing stock with the goals of alleviating pressure on Cambridge housing stock.

4. Public Broadband (equity, democracy)

- It is obvious internet access is an equity issue.  Work towards the goal of having a modular, upgradable public broadband infrastructure.  


Fighting for equity, justice, and Democracy.

I understand my white privilege.


  • Latest from the blog

    VOTE NO on Volpe

    CALL TO ACTION On Monday the 23rd or the 30th of October, 2017, the City Council will vote on the Volpe site Petition, a 1 Million sqft increase in density, and the Smith petition asking for graduate student housing to be tied to the Volpe site Petition. East Cambridge, and many other neighborhoods, have expressed deep concerns about the Volpe site petition of MITIMCO.  Their concerns and position is best expressed by the East Cambridge Planning Team (ECPT) in a letter to the planning board and ordinance committee: "ECPT is not unanimously opposed to the development of the Volpe site, but ECPT is unanimously opposed to the development causing unfair impact on the surrounding neighborhoods without due consideration. The most significant concern of the ECPT members is the 150% increase of allowable density without a commensurate increase in infrastructure support. The fact that traffic and environmental studies will not inform this zoning but rather, as MITMCo has stated, the upzoning request is based on the "economic reality" of the bargain between MITMCo and the federal government does not provide assurance that the proposed density is good for Cambridge." When we are talking impact, we are talking about the trickle down economics of commercial development into our neighborhoods.  It has turned our homes into financial instruments for quick profit, exacerbating the affordable housing crisis.  Lets bring back community to the center of decision making. Sign my petition to require impact studies on surrounding neighborhoods resulting from the 150% increase in allowable density, prior to any approval.  The Petition OR Contact the City Council, let them know how what you think. Email the City Council at: council@cambridgema.gov OR Call them at: 617-349-4280ORCome and Speak to the City Council tomorrow 5:30p, 795 Massachusetts ave., in the Sullivan Chamber.   Let them know, when the time comes, to vote NO on the Volpe site Petition.  "Cambridge does not have to accept its current social direction. Location, and the tenacity of our communities, put us in a strong position to choose.  If it is possible to change course anywhere, we can do it here. It is possible, if we will set limits to the institutions and interests which are now threatening to drive out all others, and instead seek a dynamic balance in our local political economy", Bill Cunningham, "Which People's Republic?". Ilan Levy  #1 For Cambridge City Council East Cambridge Resident
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